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Featured HouseThis time the featured house is a charming Colonial in the Bronxville PO area, minutes walking to the village of Bronxville.

Houses, Townhouses, Multi-Family

America is the most house proud nation. The single family house is the most visible image of our wealth and liberty... With modest means or great wealth, each American homeowner embarks on the creation of a testimonial of his or her dream." Robert A. M. Stern, Architect.


Cooperative and condominium apartments


Apartments and Houses. Most of the rentals are in designated buildings - fewer in privately own condominiums and single or/and multi family houses. Very few rentals exist in cooperative apartment buildings. Coop boards discourage  rentals but occasionally one finds a sponsor unit or an apartment owned by a private investor, who, at the time of the building conversion to coop was granted the right to rent.

PreviewsA mixed 'bag' of properties which might come to the market soon... These are only 'hinted about' on this site and no further info is available at this time.
Seeking to buyA number of qualified buyers (some cash buyers) seeking specific places. These are people who have been in the market for some time... and are ready.
PrivateThis is for those of you who asked for various listings and I posted them (privately) on this site. Click on Private then type in the pass on your name line.


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