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 The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) presents thousands of properties of all prices and sizes, in a wide variety of styles and conditions. Once you select an agent, he or she can show you any property listed with MLS, no matter who represents the seller.  This is important to understand, as many first time buyers erroneously believe working with several agents will increase their chances of finding a home.

 This is usually not the case. With daily if not hourly changes in real estate inventory, you need an agent that is not only on top of the market, but one who is fully aware of your preferences and needs, one with whom you’ve established a relationship.


For More Information Contact:

Mihai (Michael) Radulescu

Deed Real Estate Agency, Inc.

120 Kraft Avenue, Bronxville NY 10708

Business: 914-337-0900
FAX: 914-476-6389
Internet: michael@YourWestchesterHome.com

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